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In bands, electro, havienda, indie, jersey, music on July 21, 2008 at 12:15 am

The meeting with Tyron and Joe of Dirtytrades, Stew, David and Matt of The Exchange, Justin and Pip last Tuesday went well. We’re all excited about this new night. Stew is hereby credited with invention of the name Havienda in a moment of inspiration just as we were all leaving. Cool as fuck, indeed!

On Wednesday I went to see Velofax, a band that started in Jersey and settled in London a few years ago, at splendid St. Helier venue The Drift. They played an interesting set of funky, twitchy groove pop. Buy their new album, Velofax by Velofax.

On Saturday I met Jonny at Bean Around The World the best coffee shop in the island. When I drink coffee it has the unpleasant effect of burning a hole in my gut so I drink tea. Their tea is nice, served in a tall mug with two bags and soy milk if you want it (I do). They are very nice people at the Bean, especially Dave, and Laura who is cool and cute.

Jonny talked with me about what bands could be invited to take part in our weekly event. Some of the ones he suggested I already know and others I don’t.