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Havienda September 12th, 2008

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Moog and Bulletproof with the irrepressible enthusiasm of their fans made this show one of the best ones we’ve done yet. It is hard to believe Moog haven’t played together for such a long time since they completely owned the stage relentlessly dipping into a repertoire of pop-rock songs complete with dirty guitar licks and assured vocal harmonies. Bulletproof presented their signature sound of ferocious, agitated rock ‘n’ roll with threads of rockabilly, ska and hardcore Brit punk woven through. Despite an amp failure midway through the set, fixed with help from Neil of Moog, they held the audience spellbound.

Thanks for use of photos to Joanna Styran and Wayne Driscoll.


Havienda 12th September – Bulletproof and Moog

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Jersey’s music culture has a scabrous underbelly of punk attitude born out of oppression of youth and corporate domination of its society. No band is more motivated to express rage at the travesties committed by the island’s questionably elected rulers than Bulletproof, and they do it with astoundingly disciplined technique and heart-pumping passion. Bulletproof are Steve Creedy (guitar and vocals), Lee Gosselin (bass) and Darren ‘Eddie’ Eversfield on drums.







Bulletproof were mentioned here in an earlier post when Steve of Function Records talked about their album being released on the label. Unfortunately the link to their page on the label’s site doesn’t work at the moment.  Could it be the link broke due to over-hardcoreness? If someone from the label or band wants to leave a comment with updated link please do it.

The mighty Moog have stepped up to replace Zoohair who were going to appear this week. Moog play a US indie rock-inspired set of great virtuosity and melodic power. This is the band featuring Jonny The Large, advisor and artist liaison for these events, on bass, with Neil Pickles singing and playing guitar and Rich Baxter drumming. Here’s some pictures of Moog doing what they do best, that is to say getting trashed.

Rich, Neil and Jonny

Rich, Neil and Jonny

Rich, Jonny and Neil

Rich, Jonny and Neil

I believe it’s important to vote at these elections and so I’m including a link to the local government’s website page, Elextions 2008, where you can download a voting registration leaflet.

Finally, I’d like to recommend a Jersey blogger who is consistently interesting on local political issues. Let’s hear it for A Holiday In The Sun.

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The meeting with Tyron and Joe of Dirtytrades, Stew, David and Matt of The Exchange, Justin and Pip last Tuesday went well. We’re all excited about this new night. Stew is hereby credited with invention of the name Havienda in a moment of inspiration just as we were all leaving. Cool as fuck, indeed!

On Wednesday I went to see Velofax, a band that started in Jersey and settled in London a few years ago, at splendid St. Helier venue The Drift. They played an interesting set of funky, twitchy groove pop. Buy their new album, Velofax by Velofax.

On Saturday I met Jonny at Bean Around The World the best coffee shop in the island. When I drink coffee it has the unpleasant effect of burning a hole in my gut so I drink tea. Their tea is nice, served in a tall mug with two bags and soy milk if you want it (I do). They are very nice people at the Bean, especially Dave, and Laura who is cool and cute.

Jonny talked with me about what bands could be invited to take part in our weekly event. Some of the ones he suggested I already know and others I don’t.

Preparing for launch

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I’m promoting a weekly event featuring the very best of Jersey’s young bands and DJs. It will take place every Friday evening starting on 1st August 2008. That means there’s just three weeks to go before the inaugural showcase.

I’ve asked Jonny The Large of Moog to assist. His knowledge of the local scene is exhaustive and his wealth of experience playing to crowds in many venues around the island will be an invaluable resource. I am hoping his band will be taking to the stage too.

The first meeting of musicians and DJs in preparation for launch night will take place at the club today. I’ve invited members of The Exchange and Dirtytrades, and also DJ Pip. I was hoping Jonny could make it but, alas, he’s busy so I’ll have a coffee with him on Saturday and we can hatch some plans then.

There are many excellent bands in the island and I hope that in the coming weeks and months we’ll be able to bring them to the attention of a wider and keener audience than ever before. The Havana Club is an excellent venue with one of the finest sound systems in St. Helier. The man who usually controls the mixing desk, Justin Vooles, better known as drummer with local musical heroes The Author, will be filling that role for our nights.

This series of nights is an attempt to simply allow the bands and bass scene of Jersey to be whatever it can be given the dedication of passionate technicians, performers and promoters.