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Havienda 12th September – Bulletproof and Moog

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Jersey’s music culture has a scabrous underbelly of punk attitude born out of oppression of youth and corporate domination of its society. No band is more motivated to express rage at the travesties committed by the island’s questionably elected rulers than Bulletproof, and they do it with astoundingly disciplined technique and heart-pumping passion. Bulletproof are Steve Creedy (guitar and vocals), Lee Gosselin (bass) and Darren ‘Eddie’ Eversfield on drums.







Bulletproof were mentioned here in an earlier post when Steve of Function Records talked about their album being released on the label. Unfortunately the link to their page on the label’s site doesn’t work at the moment.  Could it be the link broke due to over-hardcoreness? If someone from the label or band wants to leave a comment with updated link please do it.

The mighty Moog have stepped up to replace Zoohair who were going to appear this week. Moog play a US indie rock-inspired set of great virtuosity and melodic power. This is the band featuring Jonny The Large, advisor and artist liaison for these events, on bass, with Neil Pickles singing and playing guitar and Rich Baxter drumming. Here’s some pictures of Moog doing what they do best, that is to say getting trashed.

Rich, Neil and Jonny

Rich, Neil and Jonny

Rich, Jonny and Neil

Rich, Jonny and Neil

I believe it’s important to vote at these elections and so I’m including a link to the local government’s website page, Elextions 2008, where you can download a voting registration leaflet.

Finally, I’d like to recommend a Jersey blogger who is consistently interesting on local political issues. Let’s hear it for A Holiday In The Sun.


Havienda 29th August 2008

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The Black Stats will be playing at Jersey Live this weekend but before that they’ll be part of a three-band show at Havienda on Friday 29th August. DJ Pip will be providing music for the warm-up and intervals and playing a set of the finest indie rock and pop to finish. The doors open at ten and, as always, entry is free.

The Black Stats play groovy indie rock with a twist of (alco-) pop. Their Take The Money And Run is one of the best songs ever made by Jersey artists. The way the guitar and bass snake around the furious drumming is breathtaking and the chorus is incredibly catchy.

Stuart Rowsell (bass); Nick Caunce (guitar and vocals); Paul Vibert (guitar and vocals); Leon Bouhaire (drums)

The Black Stats: Stuart Rowsell (bass); Nick Caunce (guitar and vocals); Paul Vibert (guitar and vocals); Leon Bouhaire (drums)

Dirtytrades appeared on our first night and they’re back with us this Friday. Since then they’ve recorded a set at La Motte Street for a new CD which I hope to review soon as I get a copy (lads ..?) and they’ve posted four of their songs on their MySpace profile. The sessions clearly went very well. The songs are performed with great assurance, gorgeously produced and show off their pop instincts to great effect. The interplay between the rhythm and lead guitars on Last Romantic is stunning. The lyrics are great too.

Joe Rogerson (lead guitar and vocals); Tyron Chapman (rhythm guitar and vocals); Jamie Hurley (bass guitar); Craig Smith (drums)

Dirtytrades: Joe Rogerson (lead guitar and vocals); Tyron Chapman (rhythm guitar and vocals); Jamie Hurley (bass guitar); Craig Smith (drums)

Gorey Inbreds have been together for about eighteen months. The members have played in other bands including Ungenerix, Peggy Patch and 124s, and their musical style is a rich stew of sardonic and surreal lyrics coupled with a kind of jazz funk that’s in equal measures highly technical and brazenly barely arsed. It’s delicious and queasy … Oh it’s really hard to describe. They defy conventions and that’s good. Gorey Inbreds lineup is Ryan De Jersey Douglas (bass), Harry (singing), Ollie (guitar), BB (drums) and their mate on percussion (possibly).

Gorey Inbreds

Gorey Inbreds

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Planet Brain poster #2

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I have always enjoyed the poster making part of event promotions. There’s something interesting about designing graphic works for public places that are meant to stand out amongst those of one’s (hopefully) friendly competitors. People who remember the Dubliminal and Face Off nights with Bubblebrain and others several years ago will no doubt recall the eccentricity with which we formed our graphic identity. Lee and Fluff were very important to that venture back when I used an Atari to run a sequencer but Photoshop was a complete mystery to me. It is the aim for this current project to create a visual theme consistent through the series of nights, and HAVIENDA (not a logo as such just text in Poplar Std font) used in a variety of shades and textures is part of that approach. It makes me very happy when others, bands, friends or supporters, take the time to contribute ideas fitting the scheme. Dan Sharpe, the creator of which is the essential and best designed online resource for news of local music events, has produced an alternative poster for the Planet Brain gig this Friday.

Planet Brain and Falenizza Horsepower

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Planet Brain are an Italian band currently on a tour of the UK including not only The Havana Club with Falenizza Horsepower on Friday 22nd August but also La Hougue Bie, Jersey, on Saturday 23rd and Vale Earth Fair, Guernsey on Sunday 24th. Their membership is Marcello Batelli on guitar and vocals, Nicola Zangrando on bass and Claudio Larese Casanova on drums. Planet Brain at MySpace features videos, songs and news of forthcoming performances. A recent interview with the band can be read at The Only Thing I Know For Sure in which they talk about their musical influences and how they feel about connecting with British audiences.

Planet Brain

Planet Brain

Dave Spars and Steve Hutchins

Falenizza Horsepower: Dave Spars (bass) and Steve Hutchins (drums)

Havienda August 16, 2008

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The Experience played last night at the club. A loyal crew of freaky-dancing friends and fans turned out to join in the fun and this excellent band have rarely sounded and looked better. The sound they created was a monumental wall of swirling, soaring blues improvisation by guitarist Lee Allison and bassist Aaron Brown around Mike Neagle’s funky drumming. It was a tremendous pleasure to work with such a professional and enthusiastic group of musicians. I learned they will be doing some recordings at a local studio soon and I hope to bring news of that as I get it.

I think Havienda needs a proper photographer. These snaps are rather grainy and blurred, rather like the ones of a previous bands night, due to the limitations of my compact camera. Anyway, here are the best of the bunch.

Poster art for Planet Brain and Falenizza Horsepower

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So far this is the only promotional art for Havienda I haven’t designed. It was done by Steve Hutchins of the band Falenizza Horsepower while they were touring last week. The swirling stars background is featured on the cover of Planet Brain’s CD.

The Experience at Havienda – Friday 15th August

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The Experience are a three piece rock band well known for their instrumental approach to classic heavy rock. Their sound has its roots in the progressive blues of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix with some heavy ’60s psychedelia in the mix and their performances are stunning workouts of ferocious invention. The stage and sound system of The Havana Club will seem made for these musicians who really like to experiment and inspire wonder in their audiences. For our night, their set will feature a backdrop of head-mashing video sequences created specially for the band.

Our resident DJs Pip and Mark will be providing the warm up sounds from seven and presenting an awesome set of rock, funk and futurism after the live set well into the night.