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New times

In bands, havana club, havienda, jersey, music on August 25, 2008 at 1:50 am

This is more of an admin-type post for the attention of crew, staff and performers so that everyone knows the new format of our Friday nights. I’ve prepared two schedules – one for nights on which two bands are performing and one for when three bands play.

All bands load-in and sound check at 7.50 pm

Two-band nights (bands play for one 40-minute set each)

DJ (30-minute warm-up set) : 10.00 to 10.30
Band 1 (40-minute set): 10.30 to 11.10
Interval (15 minutes): 11.10 to 11.25
Band 2 (40-minute set): 11.25 to 12.05
Clear stage and DJ set-up (20 minutes): 12.05 to 12.25
DJ on stage: 12.25 to 2.00

Three-band nights (bands play for one 35-minute set each)

DJ (15-minute warm-up): 10.00 to 10.15
Band 1 (35-minute set): 10.15 to 10.50
Interval (15 minutes): 10.50 to 11.05
Band 2 (35-minute set): 11.05 to 11.40
Interval (15 minutes): 11.40 to 11.55
Band 3 (35-minute set): 11.55 to 12.30
Clear stage and DJ set-up (20 minutes): 12.30 to 12.50
DJ on stage: 12.50 to 2.00


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