Channel Islands

Planet Brain and Falenizza Horsepower

In bands, havana club, havienda, indie, jersey, music, punk, rock on August 17, 2008 at 4:04 pm

Planet Brain are an Italian band currently on a tour of the UK including not only The Havana Club with Falenizza Horsepower on Friday 22nd August but also La Hougue Bie, Jersey, on Saturday 23rd and Vale Earth Fair, Guernsey on Sunday 24th. Their membership is Marcello Batelli on guitar and vocals, Nicola Zangrando on bass and Claudio Larese Casanova on drums. Planet Brain at MySpace features videos, songs and news of forthcoming performances. A recent interview with the band can be read at The Only Thing I Know For Sure in which they talk about their musical influences and how they feel about connecting with British audiences.

Planet Brain

Planet Brain

Dave Spars and Steve Hutchins

Falenizza Horsepower: Dave Spars (bass) and Steve Hutchins (drums)


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