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Havienda 8th August 2008 and other news

In bands, electro, havana club, havienda, indie, jersey, music on August 7, 2008 at 9:02 pm

The Melting Pot DJs, curators of the finest indie and electro, will be playing at Havienda tomorrow from eight. I’m hoping a lot of people come along and support what we’re doing. The music will be simply awesome through a system that blows some less fidelity-conscious venues’ setups clean out of the water.

There are some great things planned for the coming weeks and months. Confirmed so far:

August 22 – Planet Brain and Falenizza Horsepower
August 29 – Gorey Inbreds, The Black Stats, and one more act to be confirmed
September 5 – The Dirty Aces
September 12 – Bulletproof

I have posted an appeal for bands on the Positiv Productions forum and sent the thing to various local musicians. It’s reproduced here. As usual click on the thumbs to view larger versions. If you are in a band, please contact me while there are still some dates available.

Pip gave me a list of musical influences informing his sets and I wanted to make his text the foundation for some promotional graphics. After playing for hours with ASCII art generating software I came up with this. By the way, I am suffering an attack of RSI after having put all those links in so the least you can do is follow a few of them and maybe even buy some records. Remember, illegal downloads contribute to terrorism.


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