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The Havana Chub (The Sun probably went with that, did they?)

In havana club, havienda, jersey on August 1, 2008 at 3:34 am

I think Martin Sayers’ remorse is not just for the harm done to his club and his reputation. He does want to put things right for more than reason of commercial damage limitation. He knows he was wrong. I would like to see some forgiveness on the part of those who simply want to continue making the issue a personal one. He is not, and never was, public enemy. I think, also, quite enough damage has been done to a business that others depend on for their livelihoods.

I think Martin would like to see at least some of the peaceful protestors come into the club tonight so he can have the opportunity to show them they are very welcome.

I, too, hope they come into the club to see that a venture in superb music and tolerant policy is being practised. It is and always was going to be.

UPDATE August 2, 2008: I’m not writing any more posts on this subject. At the end of a week in which I was at first furious, then saddened, and finally only bemused and bewildered, I can only suggest using Google Search for Martin Sayers Havana Club for coverage of what became an international news story. For anyone who is wondering what the hell is going on and isn’t this blog supposed to be about promoting a new music scene: I don’t know and yes it is.

It was interesting to see how fast and far it spread but disconcerting to be in the middle of it. For some well considered and informative reporting of the debate see these pieces by blogger Tony:

Fat Night Club Owner Bans Fat Women

Havana Worldwide and Legal Aspects


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