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Jersey Evening Post, July 31st 2008

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Ad me

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I’ve been working and listening to dramatic pop – tonight it’s been a mix of Dare by Human League, Seven by James and Ringleader Of The Tormentors by Morrissey.

I produced an advert for the Thursday edition of the Jersey Evening Post to promote this Friday’s show. I was asked to provide an image with dimensions of 200 mm x 110 mm. This is a grayscale image with high contrast design using Ty’s eye. Click on the thumbnail for a full-size image.


UPDATE July 30, 2008: I had to redesign this at high speed this morning after it transpired that the dimensions should in fact be 110 mm x 200 mm, it should have been in CMYK mode, and PDF format. Here’s the final version.

Some sharpe reporting

In bands, electro, havienda, indie, jersey, music on July 30, 2008 at 1:44 am is an exceptionally well run and informative site buzzing with podcast shows, links to nearly all Jersey’s musical movers and shakers and a frequently updated list of forthcoming events. Our night has been featured in its pages. Thanks Dan.

havana, Havienda

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Over the last twenty-four hours a media furore of quite astonishing proportions has overtaken my efforts to promote Havienda on Fridays as a regular event appealing to the widest possible audience. Havienda is an independent production, the aim of which is to promote the live music culture of the island. It was always and will continue to be my ambition to host events to which everyone is welcome. Early in my discussions with the club’s management it was made clear that they felt they may be risking losing dependable, mature audience by opening the doors to a community of young musicians, their friends and fans.

That worry over upsetting the regulars has paled to insignificance following the incident that took place this weekend, and has since become a national media event centering around the entry policies in place at the club, inspiring a necessary debate about weight discrimination.

I am impressed and inspired by the supporters and contributors of this Facebook group, their determination to make a firm stand and their success in dismissing remarks of a few bigots in their midst. Such is the often unpleasant nature of this debate but it is good to see sense prevail. The vast majority of people in our society know that what was done is wrong.

I am prepared to accept the manager of Havana Club understands the seriousness of the offence caused. He has promised to practice a policy which is properly tolerant to all except those who break the law and I can only hope that is implemented with good faith and real understanding of others’ rights and feelings.

I have decided the show must go on because I am committed to my work, which is trying to improve the cultural life of the island by giving young bands and their fans old and new a regular party to call their own.

Despite my anticipation of protests and argument directed toward the club’s management I won’t let down those I have been working with: DJs, musicians, technical crew and fans looking forward to a showcase of remarkable musical performance. I am secure and confident that my personal attitude towards discriminatory practices, wherever they occur, is understood.

That I am working there doesn’t mean I don’t support the cause of women who are bullied. Those who know me well will affirm there is, in fact, no cause to which I feel more strongly.

Havienda in pictures, part

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I present a couple more photos from my afternoon working at the club last week that didn’t make the cut but I’ve since come to quite like. I’m enjoying getting better at photography since I realised always having your camera with you is the secret to it.

Aside from that, the reason I’m posting is to help test a bit of software supplied by Polar Rose. Their search for beauty in solutions is what makes any useful involvement in the Polar Rose project worthwhile.

Funnily enough, I was chatting to Robert Plant in this part of the bar last month

I was chatting with Robert Plant in this part of the bar last month

Wall hung man

Wall hung man

Some girls are bigger than others

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As an independent promoter, I’m distancing myself and the policy of Havienda from the expression of intolerance towards large women at The Havana Club published in the local media today. They, like people of any size, gender, or religious orientation, are welcome on our nights. Big girls are beautiful.

Polar Rose – let’s face it

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Polar Rose is a new web application and browser add-on. It works by analysing pictures on the page and pinning a little rose to everything it determines to be a face. By clicking on the rose all other pictures of that person stored in the Polar Rose database, and even pictures of others who have been seem with them, can be browsed. The aim of the project, it would appear, is to establish this new kind of visual search engine as the ubiquitous people-finding software on the web.

I have been using the public beta version of Polar Rose (currently version 0.55.9) with Firefox 3 for a couple of months. It is enabled whenever I am browsing the web and I’ve got quite used to the little rose icon in the corner of my screen pulsing into life whenever a page with a portrait is loaded prompting me to label whomever I know. However, beta testing is an exercise in troubleshooting and my casual use of the program has apparently brought to light a problem.

When I upload images to this blog something gets added to the code of the page or possibly its style sheet. The offending item in the page’s source is this bit of weirdness:


It looks like a cousin of the tiny rose button that is placed by the program next to faces it finds and yet these are broken links and they are literally embedded within the code of my blog. They appear as a cluster of dead picture links around the top left of any page to which I’ve uploaded images. It is becoming rather disconcerting and apart from being careful to disable the Polar Rose plug-in before uploading pictures to avoid adding to their number the only other solution I can think of is exporting the blog’s entire content as XML (a wonderful feature of, removing the offending bits of code if I can find them, and importing the content again.

The problem seems to be a conflict between Polar Rose and the image uploader engine. It would be interesting to know if other users running Polar Rose experience similar problems and, if so, whether they occur across the range of available blog themes or just for this one. I have contacted the support forum and Polar Rose feedback services about the issue.

I am quite convinced that Polar Rose will come to be regarded as an essential tool for finding people on the web. After all, it is not necessary to know the name of a person whose picture is found but only to recognise them from a picture. The sophistication of their face recognition engine is, for a mostly code-blind web user like me, only to be guessed at. It is a very intriguing project and I’m glad to be playing a small part in it.

UPDATE August 7, 2008: Johan and his team provided a fix I helped to test by posting images here. Both Johan and Geoff were very polite, friendly and informative. I think their project is very interesting and anyone who wants to know about new visual search techniques would do well to check their site.